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October 20, 2003 

Thanks to those who replied on Friday.

First record bought: Jason Donovan, First Gig: Showaddywaddy @ Leas Cliff Hall as a kid (if you can call that a gig?) - Caz

Hi K, first record bought - " A Good Heart" by Fergal Sharkey, 1st gig Transvision Vamp, 14th Feb 1987 - Portsmouth Guildhall. Pinky

The first record I bought... was 'Bat Out of Hell' (I think), and the first gig I went to was The Manfreds. Use that information in whatever foul and deviant way thou wilt. - Jim
Not foul or deviant. I just wondered if it was true that the first record bought is usually something you wouldn't now own up to having in your record collection, but the first gig can often be much cooler, as you're a bit older. However, you guys disprove that fairly roundly.

Incase you're interested, my first record was the Bangles, Walk Like an Egyptian, and my first gig was (I think) Thunder. Make of that what you will.

While we're on the subject of communication, this just in.

what does this do?
This, dear reader, sends me your thoughts and musings, and long may it continue to do so. It means I don't have to think of anything to write here!