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October 20, 2003 

This weekend saw me rushing around, as usual. Saturday morning started with a trip to the laminate floor man, followed by a trip to London to catch up with Auntie Mad and meet the lovely Mark, followed by rehearsals and an exhausting concert, a quick pint and a collapse into bed.

Sunday started with a drive to Croydon for a fantastic lunch, if a slight over-ordering on the sausages did cause some problems with over-consumption of sausages, and a slice or two of birthday cake (and very nice it was too). We left before our friends (fiends?) damaged the house with cushion fights to go and watch Finding Nemo. Due to the awfulness of our local cinema (well documented elsewhere) we didn't get to the front of the queue in time to do that, so we opted for Down With Love in the ex-premier screen (big comfy chairs, leg room, tables). I was disappointed, and I like that kind of film. A potentially great storyline, completely wasted. Don't bother, everyone. (Unless you're a serious Ewan fan).

So last night I made pancakes for tea and we opened the bottle of Damson wine we bought at Arundel Castle. Phew, that stuff's strong! I slept through my alarm this morning...