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September 30, 2003 

Out of date communications, for which I apologise:

It's gonna be a bloody big cat's cradle after two weeks!
It was so big it wasn't allowed on the ferry and sadly I had to leave it in Ireland.
Planning on a weekend in London to see it at the end of Nov!! - Caz
That'll be the LOTR exhibition then. We may have to meet up...
A message for Guide leaders: Avast behind! love mad xxx
Darn, should have published that one on TLAP day. Aaaar.
Dinnah kid thesel tha tha ken tek tyke wi a computer
You seem to be doing fairly well there, m'dear.
Boo! You won again. Tom
I know. At this rate we might actually manage to stay in the Premiership.

Phew, right, well that's me caught up then. I'll be off for a while now!