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September 30, 2003 

So today the Independent launches a tabloid version. About time too, I say. Years ago we were complaining that you could only get news in big, unweildy format. The sooner it's rolled out of central london, the better.

Anyway, I bought the big version this morning, as Tesco in Crawley didn't have the little version. Finding links for these is left as an exercise for the reader, but here are some stories I've noticed so far:

Tube train delayed: Vasectomy blamed
'll leave that one to your imagination, but it's almost certainly not as bad as you're thinking.
The federal government has hired a PR firm and is spending more than $33million to persuade the American people that a splash of peach on their 20 dollar bill is a good idea.
Pope favourite for Nobel Peace prize
Judge fined for drunken fracas in kebab shop