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July 23, 2003 

REM were great, Dun Leary (blatantly incorrect spelling stolen from pub) was great, the dolphins were great, and generally, things were great. Straight on to your communications.

Apart from the ankle trouble, how is the training going?
Well, and not well. I've given up hope of being ready for a half marathon and have set myself a more realistic challenge of the ActiveAmps 10k. So come and cheer me on, Richmond Park, 27th Sept (I think. I should really know that!)
Thereby proving my point that exercise (and running in particular!) is bad for you! mad xxx
You're wrong. I'm enjoying it. Now ssh while I remind myself why ;0)
No, no NO! I will not allow mistaken reportage on Paul McCartney to proliferate over the Web! He and Linda did indeed spend a night apart because he was in jail in Japan. But there were more than that. A very straightforward Google search will easily prove that. It may not have been precisely three nights, but it was only a few, and it was more than one! - Jim
Please stop it. Stop it now!! You will have to argue between yourselves!
Pinging of the pongs a la Matrix - most excellent. Large file warning for those on dialup. Bernie
Some may have seen it. I like it still.
It\'s marginally hotter in Denver Colorado, but they have air conditioninh in everything here.
I would love to be in Denver. Airconditioning is my dream. Or at least part of my specification for my dream car.

Right, I'm off. It's been a long, slow day, with more in prospect tomorrow.