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July 10, 2003 

Right. First things first, must clear my mail box.

It was Paul McCartney who only spent one night away from his past wife Linda. The one night in prison was when he was arrested for possesion of cannabis. - clarahope
So that clears that up then. Sadly, I now have to spend another 2 nights away from paj as he's off to Spain this weekend for a stag do. Ah well, such is the life of the stag-aholic.
Pete would make an excellent Master of the House, it's true...
Methinks he would eat and drink the profits!
But the big question is: Are the optics up and working yet?! love mad xxx
Sadly, not yet. But I've baked, and cooked, and we've looked at floors. Some day soon...
Random person signing your blogthing! Cheers!
Cheers back at you! Welcome, random person.
Loads of recipes at http://www.recipesource.com/ (formerly SOAR at Berkely). Bernie
ps Is surreyphil.org officially open for business?
Nice tip. And the webpage should be officially open soon. I just have some tweeks to do. Any opinions gratefully recieved! (And all my thanks to paj)