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March 27, 2003 

Did anyone see the Money Programme last night? Interesting. I was surprised to see a well respected programme blatantly state that this war is about oil, including a reference to Donald Rumsfeld's statement the day after the Twin Towers tragedy: that 9/11 provided a perfect pretext to hit Baghdad. This without any evidence at all linking Iraq with either the Twin Towers or with Al Quaida, and even without any evidence that Al Quaida was linked to the Twin Towers. It's all about the oil, boys and girls. American oil production has been declining since the 70s. Venezuala, a previously stable producer, has internal problems. You can't rely on those Arab types, oh no siree. What shall we do but go in there and take control of Iraq's oil for ourselves.

This may not be news to anyone. What surprised me was that the two oil companies most likely to lose out over this are Total and Lukoil, the French and Russian companies. And who vetoed the war? Yep, you guessed it... So even the 'good guys' are doing it for the oil.

So for the sake of peace, lets all get into sustainable energy. Solar power, wind power, wave power, CHP. Find a 'green' energy company and transfer your business to them. Prove that oil is not worth these lives that are being lost.