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February 28, 2003 

Last night I wrote a really long post on paj's UNIX computer, which then wouldn't let me post it. So you're not getting a repeat. Ner.

Brief summary is that yesterday was a good day. I made good progress towards getting my chartership (non-engineers, believe me, this is a good thing and important). I cooked steak and started on the desert for Saturday. All those coming to dinner, prepare to be appreciative!

Shortly I will be leaving for Friday pub lunch. Chicken salad probably. Until then I'm keeping my head low and trying not to get sucked into the meeting going on next door. I know I should join in and add my unique contribution, but I don't feel able to do it until I have some food inside me... and if I don't go to the pub I don't get food. Bit of a dilemma, but my stomach will always win!