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February 21, 2003 

Don't worry, I'm still alive. This week I have mostly been attending a course on Pumping Systems, run by those nice guys over at Cranfield Uni. My brain is currently recovering from the meltdown it went into yesterday (although today was pretty easy, so that was good!). In fact, having said that, today was so easy that I was home by 1630. I've met lots of nice people, and learnt that sometimes what you do at university comes back to haunt you. Who would have ever thought I'd have needed to worry about Reynold's number again when I graduated... suddenly I discover it has a vital place in my life. Hopefully by next week life will be back to normal and I'll have forgotten all about Mr. Reynold and Mr. Weber again.

Until that time, I'm just looking forward to a nice evenings curry scoffing with the three amigos and the lovely Fran. Last night's relaxation was Daredevil, a cracking film. Better than Spiderman in some ways - more heart rending (yes, I apologise, I get horribly emotionally involved with films. It's not a good film if it doesn't make me cry!) I hope tonight doesn't make me cry! The thought of being back at work tomorrow and catching up on this week just might, though!