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November 12, 2002 

I've struggled recently to post to blogger, so I've a lot to catch up on. Here's hoping...

A concerned reader asks
What's wrong (right) with Gonzo?
I thought the front wheel bearings had gone, and the full beam definitely didn't work when on main headlights (although it did on sidelights). It was only one side that was a problem, and both that and the lights are now fixed. Thanks for caring!

That was very presumptious of you that it was a male with too much time on his hands. For all you know, it could have been a female, who had a spare minute and used it to check your blog for The Friday Question.
You were correct. Of course.
My favourite firework is the sparkler. Preferably the coloured sparkler. That was all.
Sadly we missed our local firework display this year, due to apathy. Next year we'll try harder!
I cannot explain this, but I clicked on my bookmark for thribble and ended up here: http://kaster.blogspot.com/ . Not quite what I was expecting! Reversing and trying again, I ended up right where I intended to be.
I have no explanation either. Has anyone else suffered similar problems?