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September 09, 2007 

World Cup Fever

So we've wired up Foxtel, and discovered (well, I say we, I mean Pete!) that we can't get it to record through our HP easily. So this morning my alarm went off at 1:55, and I was there in time to see the national anthems. England USA. Very disapponting performance, and I have a sneaking suspicion that by the end of this competition I won't be able to say to my Australian and New Zealand colleagues "so who has the world cup?" with quite such a smirk.

The great debate at the moment is... will Pete get up at 4am to see Ireland beat Namibia, or is it a foregone conclusion and therefore pointless.


Not as foregone as one might have hoped. I hope the Forumla 1 is better!

We of the Irish persuasion were VERY disappointed with the Ireland/Namibia game. I only hope they can up their game with the tougher trials ahead. Butter fingers galore..Allons les verts!

At least you can talk to your colleagues about cricket, until our game on Friday ;-)

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