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May 06, 2007 

The History Boys

Last night a friend and I went to see Allan Bennett's play, The History Boys. I knew a little of Mr Bennett, as my sister had done some of his stuff for GCSE English, but didn't really know what to expect from last night. I was hooked, and when the lights came up for the interval I was really disappointed, I just wanted them to keep going.

I'm no writer, and I'm sure Fran or James could come up with amazing words to describe how I felt, but I can't. I can just try. I was blown away by the emotional intensity on the stage, particularly in the second half. For part of it I simply couldn't breath. The actors were superb (particularly astounding for me was the quality of their accents) and full marks go to the set designer for making the scenery changes part of the play so we weren't distracted. If you get the chance and happen to be in Melbourne, go and see it. If it's in London, go and see it. I'm now really looking forward to seeing the film.

On the subject of film, if you're expecting good things from the new Spiderman movie, you'll be disappointed. Go along expecting a chick flick with a bit of action and some good CGI and you'll be happy.

That's all from your art monitor for this week.

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