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April 15, 2007 


We're back from Brisbane, after a week of relaxation. We flew out on Sunday afternoon and got back late last night. In that time we managed to fit two theme parks (Movieworld and Dreamworld). Of the two I think Dreamworld is likely to get my repeat business, as we didn't have time to do everything there, by a long chalk. However, the rides at Movieworld, whilst there were less of them, were better. Superman was amazing, the Batwing was very good, and best of all, the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster was surprisingly fantastic. As we sat there going, yes, this is it, this is pretty obvious, blah blah, we were shocked to the core by what came next. And no, I'm not telling, because it would spoil it for you!!

Dreamworld had some fantastic retro rides (Wipeout, The Claw, Cyclone (a genuine roller coaster) and the Vortex (like the cages at Yarm Fair!)). However, their big ones (Tower of Terror and Giant Drop - and finding the links is an exercise for the reader!) are a bit disappointing. I enjoyed the view from the top of the Giant Drop, and I did scream on the way down, but it wasn't particularly exciting, just that we dropped a lot longer than I thought we would. Tower of Terror left me going, "is that it?". However, as I said, there were a lot of things we just didn't get to. An added bonus was the tiger show (I know, keeping them in captivity is wrong, etc etc etc, but they're there already, 3rd generation captive) which was informative, interesting and very impressive.

We also spent some time walking around the city, along the river, through the botanical gardens, and over to SouthBank and the museums. The botanical gardens feel much more like a big park than anything grander, but are lovely. The mangrove boardwalk is worth it, though. The man-made beach at South Bank is impressive - full of kids having a great time, and not for us!

Sadly, due to my camera still being borked, and me not getting my act together to get a new one yet (considering this, this and this, or dropping down to 4 or 5x optical zoom) there aren't many pictures to show for the trip. Even sadder is that Dreamworld don't have a camera on their log flume. And apparantly Pete had given me a lovely pair of moose antlers in anticipation. We'll never get to see it!

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One of my Brownies sooo scared of rollercoasters particularly after scooby doo she won't go on them!

Arrh the mangroves of Brisbane, saw them many years ago now.

Glad you enjoyed your break, we've just heading off for a holiday ourselves today!

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