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March 03, 2007 

Mad World

I've had two strange experiences this week. Firstly, we went out for dinner on Thursday night. This in itself is not strange (although the fact that we went out because what I'd made was inedible is), but after dinner the waitress came up to our table, carrying a slice of cake with a candle in and singing happy birthday. You will realise, of course, that it is not my birthday in March, either official or unnofficial. Nonetheless, I still got the cake on the house, and it was the best chocolate cake I've had in years. I nearly had to take Friday off sick from eating too much of it. So if you're in South Yarra and you want chargrilled meat followed by amazing cake, go to Squires Loft!

The second strange experience was much, much, well, stranger. Last night we went out for some drinks to say goodbye to a colleague of mine. After a few beers at work, we went to the Belgian Beer Cafe and were joined by paj and one of his friends. We left about 11 as the lack of food was showing in one of us! As we crossed the road to get home after the taxi had dropped us off, a motorcyclist pulled across the pedestrian lights behind us. I turned round, wondering what was going on, and as he pulled off his helmet I recognised him. I haven't seen Malcolm in 5 years. I used to work with him in Redhill, but he moved to the Edinburgh office about 6 months before I left the company, and we didn't stay in touch. Imagine the surprise when he said he lived not far from us, had been there for 4 years, was an Aussie citizen, and worked on the same road as me!! It really is a small world, aswell as a mad one. What's even stranger is that he has got an old friend of mine, who I lost touch with about 3 years ago, a job over here, and he might be arriving in Melbourne this year!

I'm going to leave you with a few links. It's been a while. First up, banana bunker, for all your banana protection needs (one size fits all). Secondly, from the ever-wonderful you tube, I give you kiwi, and kiwi, the mad world remix. It's a mad mad world.

Wow you certainly are having a "mad" time.
Lakeland have had banana guards for some time but they only come in Yellow & green.
I like the idea of a blue banana!

What a superb video (Kiwi). And Mad World is a terrific song.

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