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August 05, 2006 

In the deep midwinter...

It's August here, which means midwinter. Which is strange, as the weather's actually picked up in the last couple of days. I've worn my summer jacket twice (albeit with scarf!) and today I even felt the need to get my sunglasses out of storage. I've been pretty busy, but I am trying to make time to walk out at lunchtime and keep tabs on what the weather is doing. Even better, on Thursday night I walked home at 6pm and it was light!!

I've learnt a lot about how the Australian medical system works over the last few weeks. I pulled a shoulder muscle (or so I thought), and was in absolute agony, with it clicking every time I moved. I discovered that over here you don't have to register with a doctor, you can just turn up and make an appointment with whichever one you choose. I chose one and went along. I got told to rest the shoulder, and he gave me free drugs (anti-inflamatories, nothing too exciting!). I rested and took the drugs. No running, no housework, no lifting files, no doing anything. Bored. Bored. Bored.

When I talked to the running club guru he told me off for not going straight to the physio. Lesson 2 - apparantly most people skip the doctor and go straight for treatment without recommendation. So off I went to the physio. A first for me. Apparantly I have very bad posture (duh!) and it's not my shoulder it's my back. So after thumping my back and trying to press my ribs through the front of my chest for half an hour he told me to come back next week for more of the same, lest I grow into a hunchbacked old woman.

I started running again at that point, but I'm only up to 6km, not the 10 I wanted to race tomorrow. I had another physio session yesterday, and it seems to be okay, but I'm still a big sloucher!

Work's been good - we're 90% sure we'll get the go ahead on the $3m increase in fees, so it's pretty busy. I'm enjoying it though.

And in weight-loss news, I now have a pair of trousers that fall down on me. You won't recognise me next time you see me! (Well, maybe except Andy, who we'll see in 2 weeks).

Your August sounds like our August and that is deeply unfair. I've started wearing sunglasses as a hairband, just to make believe they're necessary.

Nice on on the running!

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