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June 15, 2006 


I'm not going to reply to all 48 comments. But here's some hellos:

  • Matthew On... hello and welcome. I don't know what the significance of the cookies is, I'm afraid. I only know that they taste good!
  • JayKay (not the cat in the hat, I assume) thanks for the link. I'll be investigating ausrun when I finish ploughing through the comments!
  • Sarah Kay!!! Wow!!! Hello. If you find the mail me link and, well, mail me, it'd be good to catch up. For those of you who don't know (most of you) I went to school with Sarah until we'd finished GCSEs, at which point she disappeared!
  • inw, I know the post above is the sign of a diseased mind, don't tell me!
  • Mum, I could make the font size bigger, but my html isn't up to that. You'll just have to get a bigger computer screen ;-)
  • Hello FrogBox. I have your blog now, there's no escape! Come to Oz with your handsome prince.
  • Everyone who commented re St George's day - I knew that would get you, and was disappointed when I didn't get any comments. Wow, was I wrong about that!

If you're on Windows, you can make the font bigger by clicking on View in the menu then move the cursor over Text size and choose the appropriate font size.

If you're using a Mac, hold down the command key (the one with the apple on it) and use the plus and minus keys to increase/decrease the font size.

No HTML knowledge required! ;)

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