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July 09, 2006 

It's been a heck of a week...

It's been a long week this week. We had a very important meeting on Wednesday, so everything we've been doing for the previous month had to come together by Tuesday night. Which meant that Her Maj was in a bit of a stress, which fed off onto me. I struggled to get motivated to go to running on Monday night, because I felt like I ought to be working. But I went, none-the-less, and ran up hills for most of the night.

After a communication breakdown I finally managed to get one chunk of work finished on Friday afternoon. A major resourcing crisis solved, and 4:30 pm (or beer-o'clock) has never been more welcome!

I had a minor running milestone on Wednesday night - I ran for 40 minutes without stopping, which is about 6 more than I've managed so far. I didn't run as fast as I sometimes do, so I didn't even make the 5km mark, but I was happy. Today I got up and met a couple of the girls from the club at 9am for a 50 minute run. As the object was time, not distance, I didn't push myself to go twice round the tan. I did work out afterwards that I'd run 7.5km, which is the most I've ever done by a huge chunk. That makes today a great finale to the week.

Which is about to be capped off by going through to the living room (and getting out of bed!) to watch the final episode of this series of Dr. Who, before I find out what happened accidentally. TTFN!