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June 15, 2006 


I am, apparantly, a muppet. I commented to paj the other night that I wasn't going to blog anymore because nobody read my posts (or at least, they didn't comment). He said that he'd commented. I retorted that nobody had, because I hadn't had any of the emails I used to get to tell me when a comment had gone up.

Solving the problem was delayed by our telco, who cut us off for no reason, and it's taken them 2 days to fix it. However, tonight, I'm back on line. I looked at the blog. No comments. paj says that the computer told him they had to be verified by me. I logged into blogger. I discover a number of comments, waiting to be moderated.

So to those of you that left those 48 (yes folks, forty eight) comments, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ignore you. I just didn't know you existed!