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June 21, 2006 

Run to the G

Well the times are out, and I managed to run 5km in 32 minutes, 26 seconds. Go me! It took me a while to find, as the paper helpfully lists them in time order. As I couldn't believe I would have gone faster than 33 minutes, I spent ages scouring the 33 - 39 minute band, before finally finding my name whilst looking for a colleague's (who did it in 29 minutes).

Although it wasn't really about the time, more about just finishing, I found that I was really excited to know how I'd done. I was pretty dead by the time I'd managed it - I'm still not fit enough to really be a "runner", more a "saunter-er". Still, it's a good benchmark for next time. Perhaps I'll be Queen of the Lake in August!

Go you indeed! Well done.

Well done! :-D -spj

Good on ya!

Hi Krusty. Just wanted to say it was really great to see you on Saturday morning (and yes, it was Saturday morning for us, too - albeit 1.30am!).

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