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June 02, 2006 

Websites as Graphs

Okay, I know it's taken a while, and I wasn't going to blog it, it was just for interest. But it's taken so much effort I wanted to share.

For example, did you know that Paint doesn't (seem to) have an easy crop facility? I had to download picasa, which I quite like, but also hate.

Picasa has some great functionality. It allows me to do cool fixing things to my photos, like make them straight. However, it does weird things like not letting you save the file that you've changed, having to save a different file with the changes in. I know I'm now going to get a storm of protests that I'm just inept, and it's not Picasa's fault. But I'm pretty tech savvy for a non-geek, so I should be able to make things work how I want them to. If I can't, it's not good.

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