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June 03, 2006 

Gimme Gimme Gimme Fried Chicken

Damn all the opticians. I've been tired, crabby and headachy for a couple of weeks now. Initially I put it down to jet-lag, but that excuse ran out pretty quickly. I finally realised, when I squinted at the computer screen with my eyes watering, that there may be a problem with my vision. I went to the opticians and yes, I'm officially short sighted, with astygmatism (a stygmatism?). Apparantly my eye is shaped like a football - which means a whole different thing over here!

The upshot is that I'm wearing my old glasses at the moment, because apparantly they have the a/stygmatism correction. I've paid out an inordinate amount, and on Thursday I'll have some shiny glasses to be worn lots. Harumph. I am notoriously bad at remembering where I've put things down. I've already lost (and found) this pair of glasses today. I have no chance!

On the bright side, eye checks are free here - well, they're covered by medicare, anyway.

We have *so* much in common: http://www.johnsy.com/blog/entry/20010419013456

(Like the Queen reference, by the way!)

Contact lenses are much easier than glasses. The "new breed" of soft lenses actually moisturise your eyes (which is good if you spend a long time staring at a computer scree) and some are daily disposable meaning there's no tiresome cleaning ritual before you can hit the hay or get up and get going for the day.

Plus, they rarely get lost in your eyes and if they do, there's only a finite amount of places they could be. ;o)

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