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April 30, 2006 

Sunny England

You should be able to hear this post a lot more clearly, because I'm back in Blighty. I've been asleep since about 7pm last night - the final straw was church, when I nearly nodded off a couple of times, and have no idea what the sermon was about because I was trying not to snore! I've done pretty well - finally woke up at 6:30 am, so hopefully the jetlag won't be too bad.

The mission for today will be to stay awake beyond lunchtime - already my body is telling me I'm a lazy cow, and why have I stayed in bed so late! I'm going to confuse it by going for a run... as soon as I work out if I'm going to set off a burglar alarm by leaving the house this early. Well, burglar alarm, or small-sister alarm!

    "You should be able to hear this post a lot more clearly"

Sorry... you shall have to speak up, dear. It's a terrible line!

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