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March 22, 2006 

World Water Day

It's World Water Day today, and I just wanted to bring you two articles that caught my attention from Auntie. Firstly, this one. The WDM are a bunch of loons who last year spent a morning outside my former employers office protesting against a project we'd pulled out of, whilst dressed as washerwomen and taps. Yes folks, I really did say dressed as taps. They often have their facts wrong, as demonstrated in this article when they disagree with 30 other NGOs. Still, I keep tabs - best to be informed!

The second article is more positive. Here it talks about a new water purification method saving lives by simply treating the water with sunlight - readily available in Africa, as I'm sure Brian knows! It's so simple you can't believe people didn't think of it before. More like this one please!

If you feel at all inspired to help, then I recommend Wateraid as a good place to start.

I like the 2nd Beeb article, its a form of treatment I've not come across, but one that is simple and can potentially make life much easier and safer.
Developing Countries water treatment formed part of my degree course (the uni had a set reed beds/ settlementation tanks etc. in Eygpt and did lots of research on it). I remember being really chuffed when I spoke when back home about it and found out that a friend had the settlement tank version of water treatment for her former home city of Windhoek, along with reed beds I think. Now she lives in DC I suspect the water treatment/ supply for the water she uses is a lot more ....
..As for WDM they obviously live in a bit of a dreamworld.

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