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January 30, 2006 

Meme No More

I have a bit more time, so I'm just going to edit and add to this. I leave it up to you to spot the difference!

Right, so, here I am, the other side of the world, and I still get pinged. Well I think that's most unfair.

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:

- Fire Alarm Salesperson. Don't ask.
- Security at Student Union.
- "I work with poo"
- Barclaycard project engineer for 1 week. Mainly involved cutting stuff out and making a big mural for the front reception showing the KPIs, as they didn't have a computer for me.

Four movies I can watch over and over:

- The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'd have to agree with Kris.
- Good Morning Vietnam
- Cocktail/Top Gun/ Any other chick flick
- Any LOTR.

Four places I have lived:

- Stockton
- Birmingham
- Jamshedpur
- Bombay
Not bad, eh. Soon to include Melbourne :-)

Four things I'm on the verge of learning:

- How to find the words to express how beautiful, amazing, huge, and wonderful the Australian Outback is.
- How to drive for hours through it without falling asleep.
- Whether I can remember how to do a 9-5 day.
- How to type on an Aussie keyboard and fabricate a pound sign.

Four things I've done to try to impress a member of the opposite sex:
Can I refer you to paj's blog? No? Hmm.

- Downed a pint quicker than him.
- Talked cricket and football and rugby.
- Drawn a picture
- Danced
None of the above were for my husband (certainly not the first two!), but who they were for, you can just guess for ever.

Four nationalities I've been mistaken for:

- Australian, by Americans
- American, by some Brownies once
- French, by some people on Stockton High Street due to speaking French between us.
- Amazonian, due to my height

Four places I would rather be right now:

- Somewhere with decent aircon
- Somewhere with a more comfy chair - like, one that's high enough to be able to type comfortably.
- Somewhere that provided me with fizzy water. I miss that from the UK - chilled "sparkling mineral water".
- Somewhere that offered a day trip to the Devil's Marbles to save us the drive.

I'm not sure who to pass this on to as I can only open one window on this stupid computer, and can't check who's had it. I'll get back to you on that one... or, if it hasn't been passed to you, leave a comment below and go for your life!

I'm bored at work so I'll give it a bash ...

4 jobs
Shelf stacker
Fruit Picker
Fruit Packer
Civil Engineer (I'm civil 'onest)

4 movies
Rocky horror Picture Show (a truely fab movie)
Muppet Christmas Carol (always good for festive enjoyment)
LOTR 1 or 3 (2 was a bit too full of fighting for my liking)
Return to me (for DD swooning and a bit of chick flick stuff)

Four Places I've Lived (this is the tuffy and I'm going to have to cheat)
Southsea, Portsmouth
Milton, Portsmouth (that's all the places I've lived!)

Four things I'm on the verge of learning
How to get a decent embossed image every time when stamping/ embossing.
How to be a decent YL Guider (info is somewhat lacking for us YL Guiders)

Four things I've done to impress a member of the opposite sex
Driven a 6 hour round trip reguarly to see him for a weekend
Handmade valentine's cards
Cooked a nice meal
Bought dark chocolate spread back from Holland.

Four nationalities I've been mistaken for
Kiwi in Vancouver (twice!)
Belgian in Quebec (our french accent isn't quite french, so they assume belgian!)
Kiwi in NZ (until I spoke!)
As long as I'm not mistaken for a tourist in Canterbury i don't care!

Four places I'd rather be right now
As I'm at work the top one would be Home
Following my recent trip - Holland
Canada ('cos Canada is good all round)
NZ (I wanna go back to South Island/ Wellington).

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