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August 06, 2005 


Sometimes work throws me a good-un. Like this week, and my brief trip to India. I flew out on Monday morning, landed monday night in Delhi, flew back Wednesday night, landed Thursday morning. So you'll excuse me if I appear not all here. Or there.

Actually, I've recovered pretty much now. The main problem was not sleeping for 4 days. I'm not going to go into the details - you don't need to know! But I did get the chance to catch up with some old family friends, have a few curries, and visit Agra (on business) and the Taj (on pleasure!). So I thought I'd share a few photos. Sorry.

Is this not the cutest monkey you have ever seen?
Baby at A's Tomb 1

And the obligatory Taj shot - my first visit was 22 years ago, my second 10 years ago, and this one fell somewhere in the middle for value.

Thankfully for you, that's it!

That would be the second cutest monkey I've ever seen. The cutest monkey is called Gary, and lives with my parents...

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