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December 23, 2003 

Communications out of the way first!

Hope the puddled freezer hasn't damaged new floor. Could you not demand a replacement freezer as it's less than a year old and therefore not fit for the purpose?
Are you still waiting for your freezer bits? Is there no other excitment in your life? Tom
The freezer is now fixed, but no, you are right. There was no other excitement in my life. You wouldn't believe how frustrating the waiting for a part can be. But the floor's fine!
Since I'm a scientist, this must be work. According to the bladdered challenge, I need 8 pints of premium cats-piss an hour to get hammered (after 1 hour). What's that in real beer? All dieters can rejoice in Myth #8 of the quiz. Bernie.
I think you can double that for real bear. Premium Cat's Piss is designed to make you ill, not drunk, which causes the 'stop breathing and die' symptoms.
Run away, run away! link Bernie
Consider me running!
Jason and the Argonauts (good) Bernie
Battersea Arts Centre? A good film it may be, but that's just a little out of my way!