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August 13, 2003 

I saw an amusing thing coming back from up north last night ... a Matiz with a roof box. I couldn't help but giggle as it looked so silly! Caz
Matiz with, Matiz without roof boxes, equally as silly. Maybe we should start a campaign. Every time I see one parked up I could leave a little note on the windscreen. This is a silly car. Get a real one.
I can see that England seems to be going thru a bit of a heat wave ... how hot is it in celcius?
This morning at around 7am it was 19.5 degrees by my car temperature indicator. The hottest I've seen it at was 36.5 degrees. I've actually at times in the last week considered coming into work early to get some sleep because it's air conditioned. Thankfully it's cooling off now and for the first time in days I actually got a reasonable nights sleep.

This is not to say that I don't like the sunshine. I'm just saying that it should stay in countries that install airconditioning in their bedrooms.