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August 05, 2003 

In a car update, I took the fiesta in for her MOT yesterday. In exchange I got a Daewoo Matiz. This is, without doubt, the worst car I have ever driven. Rember, I've driven a G reg renault 5 and a D reg fiesta 950cc popular plus, so I have some experience in this field. The Matiz started badly as I couldn't push the seat back far enough to accommodate my legs, and thus crippled myself driving to and from work. It continued to go downhill when I realised that even with my foot flat to the floor it struggled to reach 70 (highlighted when I shot past a parked up traffic cop, panicked, looked at speedo and realised I was doing 65). If anybody out there under the age of 70 is considering buying one, I have one tip for you.