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August 05, 2003 

Time to catch up on some communications, for there are many, mainly car related.

I have no problem with you owning a BMW 1-series. Just don't call it a Mini in my presence ;-) - JD
Thanks for the photo of the car. I have now reported the number plate to a variety of policemen for a variety of offences. - Jim
It's quite big though! - Which is why they shouldn't call it a Mini! Tom
Lovely photo of the Mini, there's a word for photos that are bigger than life size isn't there? Random
Gosh, I'm jealous. Can I please have your new car? {inw}
So, as long as I don't call it a mini, keep out of the way of police officers and avoid giving the keys to my friends I should be fine! It's a great car, really good fun to drive, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Next on the shopping list are white wing mirrors.
Sadly we can't go - I have to pick my parents up from Stansted that day. But if anyone makes it, have one for me.
Turning Thirty is a good book. I spent ages playing spot the places I know in Birmingham
I really enjoyed all of Mike Gayles books - nice easy reading for a train journey!

Phew! Is that it?!