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June 12, 2003 

So I've been pretty quiet the past few days. It was a busy weekend, a busy week. Tonight I've got onto the computer as paj is downstairs with spj and a guinness. He's very excited to find many old 80's computer games on his unix machine. I'm very excited to find that one of them is my favourite game ever, puzzle bobble (wmp will remember the hours and pounds spent playing this in QHC bar during those long evenings of first year). However, I'm less excited to discover that my gin stash is running low. This cannot be a good thing.

The real reason I'm not in bed yet is that I'm waiting for my Dad to arrive. To fill in time this evening I have, in no particular order, bought cheese, made pizza, eaten pizza, watched a programme about dolphins, watched football, looked for a drill, watched more football, painted the woodwork in the kitchen, drunk gin and played on the computer. Now I can't complain really - it's hardly a stressful life, is it?! It's just a bit weird for a midweek evening. It'll be even stranger tomorrow when I get the place to myself. paj is refusing to tell me how to get the games up on the computer, incase that means that I won't be able to finish the kitchen.

One thing I can say is that if this kitchen finally gets finished, the last bits will definitely have been down to me. Which must mean that I don't have to cook for a while?