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June 02, 2003 

After an absolutely fantastic weekend, with much drinking, dancing and debauchery (photos sure to become available somewhere sometime when I get time), we finally arrived home around 3:30 am this morning. This was mainly due to a refuelling problem with the ferry, and some bad weather on the crossing (not ideal when, like me, you suffer from seasickness). So now I can't be bothered to post properly...

Isnt' the point of an optic that it only lets you get at a little bit of alcohol at a time? Go for the taps ! Bernie
Ah, yes, I see your point there. However, after Saturday night, I'm tending towards the thought that anything that limits the amount of alcohol I can drink can only be a good thing. Mainly to save my Sundays.

In other news, I'm seriously considering entering the Windsor Half Marathon. So seriously I've printed off the training schedule. Any other takers?!