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February 03, 2003 

So this weekend did not go entirely to plan. First of all I was sent home early from orchestra on Friday night for being too ill to be there. I went home, drank whisky, and went to bed. On Saturday I felt worse, so sadly had to cry off from Alix's first birthday party. I went to the post office and sent my passport application off and then went back to bed. I got up when my hubby got home, intending to go to the cinema. After a lovely chinese meal of prawn crackers and stir fry (all cooked by us), we failed to get to the cinema in time and everything was sold out. So we went home and I watched the best TV moments of 2002 before, you guessed it, going to bed again!

Sunday saw us drive around Crawley looking at cars (specifically, this one, this one and this one). I'm getting very close to making my decision, and a test drive on Thursday night should make my mind up for me. I've never had a brand new car before. It's all very exciting!