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November 08, 2002 

A reader with too much time on his hands writes:
Hey! Where's our Friday question?
Well, having dropped my car off at the garage this morning, and then being stuck in traffic that extended a 30 minute journey into a one and a half hour one, I've actually been working this morning. However, a seasonal question, methinks. What is your favourite firework? I'll start the ball rolling - mine's the Catherine Wheel. As a child I was mesmerised by them, and as a student I watched them on the other side of the lake at the Vale fireworks, hoping they'd fly off and skim over the water. As an adult I just miss them - you don't see them at most organised displays, and not having kids means I don't have an excuse to be dangerous and let fireworks off in my back garden. Actually, until recently I didn't even have a back garden.

So there's mine. What's yours?