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November 07, 2002 

Must clear out inbox... I'm just too disorganised these days. First up, the definitive answer to last friday's question:
The greatest act of love? Possibly my darling husband bathing me and shaving my legs when I was too sick to move, and caring for me when the smell of vomit makes him sick.
Secondly, the Great Briton controversy.
Nonononononono. Shakespeare - Jim
I'd be more tempted to vote for Lennon
Hmm. I have to admit that Lennon is second to Diana in my list of Britons-in-the-top-ten-who-aren't-great. But each to his (or her) own, and who am I to decide?
I see the Boro are starting their tumble down the table. Won't be long before they're back in the relegation zone...
No comment. And out of the Worthless Cup too. Frown.