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September 02, 2002 

Thanks to all who came to the house warming on Saturday night. The only casualties of the night were 1 guinness half pint glass, 1 wodka gorbastow shot glass, 1 ikea cheap glass (until then presumed unbreakable) and 1 toilet cistern. This is of course not including any brain or body issues suffered the morning after...

Thanks also for the housewarming presents, intentional and not so. My personal favourite is Buckaroo, left by some unsuspecting scot, although the two full crates of Carling are also welcome.

As we were a little bit tired last night we went off to see MiB2. If you enjoyed the first one, you'll enjoy this one too. The ending is just as good, and the dialogue between J and K is excellent.

I'm off to catch up with my sleep now!