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August 27, 2002 

Spent this weekend mainly cleaning and painting thribble towers in order to get a good price for it when the valuer comes round this evening. Fingers crossed for loads-a-dosh!

We also managed to slip in a visit to Dragon Mama and Dragon Dada and Baby Dragon and Dragon Cousin too. Baby Dragon actually sat on my lap for an extended period of time without crying, and even looked happy at times. This day must go down in history!

Yesterday we tried to make a wedding list. And failed. Further details here when paj gets round to putting them up!

And now some long overdue communications.
Banana Sarnies - Yuk!
Banana sarnies are God's gift to bread. Or something like that. More seriously,
Yes, Dr. Williams' appointment does hold a lot of promise. He seems strong in faith, compassion, inteligence and courage - Jim
JC, always guaranteed to make me feel like I'm talking sense. As ever, much appreciated.
Apparantly, your husband to be could be a boil lancer!
I can only assume that this refers to this site. I hope so, anyway!
Is thribble's lovely boyfriend the same as her fantastic fiance? - Jim
Yes, definitely. I couldn't cope with two men!
Glad to see K is keeping you amused. Silence is golden!
Yes, but I only have to have her for a few days. You get to live with her, spj! How's that silence now? *evil laugh*