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August 19, 2002 

Saturday afternoon saw the arrival of the thribble half of our parental set, passing through on their way back from France with a boot full of interesting and exciting goodies. We are now the proud owners of a knife hidden in a sausage and two borrowed camp chairs for our patio. After a fantastic all-you-can-eat curry on Saturday night we even managed to remember to check the mass times at our new local church. What's more impressive is that on Sunday morning we managed to remember to go!

As my parents left we had only an couple of hours before paj's parents and ickle sister arrived. The whirlwind we like to call K found our crisp stash in an hour and took apart and put together my Russian doll more times that ever before! Meanwhile, the adults gardened. Yes, we have a garden, and what's more, it now looks like one.

The family are staying for another couple of days, so if at any point you catch me looking slightly dazed, that's why. I came downstairs this morning at 6:15am to find K happily ensconsed with my toy cars and the carton of apple juice in the living room. Was I surprised? Not that she was awake, more at how quiet she had been!!