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January 08, 2008 

Two Little Pigs

Today I set off to do a very simple thing. I wanted to pay our returned bond cheque into the bank. I handed over the cheque and my bank card, a visa debit. I was told I couldn't pay it in because it's a joint cheque, but my credit card. I had forgotten - this isn't a bank account (despite the fact that we both put our wages into it and we both have cards on it and we both have internet banking access to it). It's a credit card, and Pete has an extra card on it. A somewhat heated discussion followed, ending up with the manager turning up and taking me off to a private office. I pointed out a number of times that we don't have another bank account, we both put money into this one, we both take it out - how can that not be a joint account? Anyway, the upshot was I had to open another savings account with them, a joint one this time (we already have one, but because I opened it it's just in my name). And because they had Pete's details on file he didn't need to sign anything, and I could pay the money in straight away. Same end result, no extra permission from Pete, utter waste of 30 minutes.

I was so upset and angry with them they gave me a pig for my pain, so I now have two, one from the first savings account I opened, and one from today. If I keep going I'll have a family!

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Aw, they're rather cute.

They're a bit funkier than the old Natwest pigs, but if I had to endure what you did to get them, those pigs might have been flying...

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