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January 03, 2008 

New Year

There was so much I wanted to write about - our trip to Glenrowan and the substandard animatronic show (so bad you want to go back in and check it really is that bad), our boxing day barbeque and Keith's amazing uke playing, new year and the ridiculous temperatures, our walk around the shrine of remembrance - but somehow I just can't be bothered. Therefore I have pinched an idea from Mad, and whichever forum she got it off, and will just try and take a photo a day to illustrate what we're up to. They're all on Flickr, and I'll try and post them here too.

1st Jan - failed photo of midnight fireworks. We went to the shrine to watch them, with what seemed like most of South Melbourne. From where we were we could see most of the city fireworks, and the Albert Park ones aswell.

2nd Jan - Muffins. Now that I am officially lactose intolerant, I'm finding it quite hard (my love of cheese and chocolate milkshakes is a problem, as is the desire for ice cream that goes with the current temperatures). For new year my resolution was to stick to the healthy diet and not make myself ill, so I treated myself to a book entirely full of lactose and gluten free recipes. These were the first effort out of it, and they taste nice. The chicken and herb risotto last night was good too. However, the sweetcorn fritters are not that exceptional.

3rd Jan - roof of part of the NGV gallery. It's beautiful. I went in for half an hour as it's air conditioned and free, and tracked down the Turners. A nice relaxing way to kill time.

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