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January 08, 2007 


My camera is broken. I've taken it into the shop and it'll cost just to find out if it's repairable. Last time it was a debate - this time it's a no-brainer. Things will just keep going wrong, and this time it sounds expensive. It's stuck on sunset mode, which leads to everything being slightly orange.

The question now is not which camera to replace it with (although I'm sure my readers are, even now, composing massive emails telling me why their particular choice of camera is perfect for me). It's about which type of camera. I have a 10x optical zoom on my Minolta Z2. Do I replace with something similar, but not particularly easy to carry around (hence the breakages, methinks) or do I drop back to the compact and lose most of the zoom (which will probably annoy me). I could upgrade to a DSLR, but I would never be bothered to take it anywhere, or do anything more than point and shoot with it. So here's your challenge, camera mad folks. I want 8x optical zoom, at least, in something that's as small as a compact but gives at least 3MP photos. Possible?

I would say get something that compliments Mr J's so you can cover a greater range, although your pictures still look okay to me.
I quite like the look of the Samsung slim black ones, which would mean the NV7 OPS for you. Have a look through http://www.dpreview.com .

Thanks Tom. I think I've just fallen in love: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/kodakv610/

I would suggest you look at the Panasonic (/Leica) Lumix cameras. I think the TZ1 fits your bill, although the smaller FZs might be interesting too.

I have just bought a Samsung NV7 OPS....only 7x optical zoom, but BOY, what a camera!


I know a bit about cameras and was faced with a similar dilemma to yourself. I can highly recommend this one.

Whoops just noticed someone else has recommended it...well there ya go then! :-)

Does the protuding bit retract back into the rest of the camera when it's not in use?

Hmm, looking at a couple of reviews, some people seem to think the focus is a bit poor, so maybe not.
Try the features search on dpreview, if you haven't already.

Can you wait for the Olympus SP-550 UZ to arrive?

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