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April 19, 2006 

New Blog!

For the first time in years I've changed the format. I like it, and feel free to tell me if you do or don't. Just don't expect me to change it back, because I've realised that I've completely deleted the previous template. D'oh!

A few votes of thanks - blogger templates for the template, vim for the editing facilities, and paj for the answers to my three questions. Or four. But not too many!

Very exciting! And purple too! What more can a girl ask for?! ;-)

I really, really like it. It breathes well, you know? Love the scissors and the picture!

Like the colours but for the visually challenged wrinklies amongst your readers would you consider upsizing the font?

Love the colour scheme but for the visually challenged wrinklies in your readership would you consider increasing the font size???

I couldn't hear your last entry over the loudness of your blog - turn it down a shade!

And a site feed too!

oooh - pink!!

me likey

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