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April 19, 2006 

Big and Tiny

This evening we went up to Federation Square. The intention was to watch something at the Tiny Top and soak up the atmosphere. There wasn't a lot of atmosphere - the Big Wheel was going round with only 2 people on it (although some Japanese people were having their photo taken infront of it). We did, however, go to a show. Ruby Rubberlegs, no less. I can safely say that tonight was the first time I've ever seen anyone dislocate their ankles, hips and neck in order to fit in a very small box. In fact, it was the first time I've seen anyone dislocate their ankles, hips and neck for any reason at all, including by accident. It was very impressive, but I'm really hoping it's my last time to see anyone dislocate anything.

Still, go along and see them if you're in Melbourne. For $5, the shows promise to be excellent value for money. Next on my list to see is All Mouth and No Trousers. Although, given that Ruby actually did have rubber legs, maybe that's not such a good idea!