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April 14, 2006 

Things I Have Learnt About Melbourne Today

Today I have learnt that:
1. Rod Laver (of Rod Laver Arena fame) was a tennis player. He was quite good in the 60s, winning all four major grand slams in the same year. Twice. Once in 1962 and once in 1969.
2. St. Kilda is not a saint. The area is, I assume, named after the St. Kilda that is northwest of North Uist, and a UNESCO world heritage site. Information from Wikipediastates that

The name St. Kilda is believed to be derived from the Norse word skildir, meaning "shields". One suggestion is that a mark on an early map made the Norse word "Skilda" look like "S.kilda" and a previously unknown saint was created.
So there you are!

Presumably your "quite good" re. Rod Laver is an understatement? He's considered one of the all-time greats!

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