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July 26, 2005 

Weekend Hi Jinks

I went back to work for a little nap today. It all started on Thursday evening when I was chatting to my Dad about his impending trip to London Village for a meeting, and the best way to get to the location of said meeting without going on the tube, which was pretty much shut at that point. It turned out that the best thing for me to do was to go and meet him for dinner. Unfortunately paj didn't get out of work on time and we had to eat without him. Fortunately we found a lovely wine bar (Davy's). It served beer in pewter tankards, vintage port by the glass and champagne by the tankard. I sampled the wine and Dad (and paj when he got out of work) sampled the beers and nobody found their beverage wanting. But we did go back and check a couple of times.

After Dad had gone to get the train home we set off for Ain't Nothin' But... to meet the lovely kajv1 and fran. A few drinks, some good music and it was time for us to try and get the train home. Which we eventually succeeded in doing. I say eventually, because Victoria was closed for "contractors with big machines" or, more accurately I suspect, security concerns. We finally got the train at 2am.

Saturday was spent recovering and celebrating ma-in-law's birthday. Sunday was spent driving home in the rain, watching the grand prix and going up to London Village again to see Pluck. They were exceptionally funny, and come highly recommended. I think their next gig is the Edinburgh Fringe, so if you're up there check them out. I will say that I was particularly impressed with the cream tea eating episode, with the kzhatifachi, and generally with the musicality and humour. Go see.

Don't go see at the Etcetera and sit in the back row. The capital's smallest theatre it may be. The capital's theatre with the biggest drip at the back it certainly is. I was soaked through by the end of the performance!

Off to rest now.