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July 22, 2004 


You're still talking to me. I like that!

"gravy" seems to be something like wallpaper paste, as far as I can tell. Bernie.
Everything seems to be like wallpaper paste, unless it's Mexican, I've discovered. Only Mexican sauces are worthwhile. This is because Americans have a built in fear of anything spicy. If you order it off their menus (you can spot them easily, because the spicy food is marked with stars warning you of impending spice) then they feel the need to warn you that it's spicy and you might not enjoy it. Gaaargh. Just let me order!
I saw a TV version of the Phantom starring Charles Dance as the Phantom (link) which was really fantastic.
Hmm. Haven't seen that one. I was pleased to see that ATAB was as impressed by the trailer as I was. I have always loved Phantom, from the moment I saw the black and white film by accident while off sick from school. The music makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. When it's played well, that is.
Hmm... if it's still on when I'm over in Denver must watch it and have arguments with strangers. Si J
Regarding Fahrenheit 9/11 - can I recommend you check the size of the stranger before you start? Perhaps a dark cinema is not the place for arguments which may be too scary when the lights come up!
Regarding the reflex thing, I got 0.016 seconds. - Jim
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