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July 09, 2004 

P-A-R-T-Y? Because I Gotta!

I have an idea. Broken films, kind of like broken jokes. I'm watching The Mask at the moment, which somewhat explains the title. The beginning of the film introduces the Jim Carrey character. He's a loser. A big loser. And as his loser humiliation becomes complete he "drives" off in his banger. As he stops and notices something, someone else pops up and takes the Mask, leaving Carrey with no point in the film.

Now I admit, this may just be my irrational dislike of Jim Carrey, but I quite enjoyed that thought. And it headed me onto other broken films. Good Morning Vietnam, where Robin Williams gets off the plane and there's nobody there to pick him up. Die Hard and Bruce Willis is in the main room when the terrorists attack. Casablanca and she walks into the other bar. But maybe I'm just warped.