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July 14, 2004 


I have company in my hotel. Not in my room, you understand, just in the hotel. A colleague from the UK is out this week, and it means that I get to talk to someone, and not just sit in my room all night. Last night we took a sight-seeing drive after dinner, all the way down the A1A (beachfront avenue!) to South Beach, to take a look at the art deco buildings previously mentioned. While we were there we parked up and took a walk out onto the beach - which I have to admit is lovely, very sandy indeed, and at that time of night (no sun) happily empty of Americans, who have spoilt every beach I've been to so far. We also found Nikki's Cafe, which has wigwams, beds and four posters with netting around them outside the back, along with souk-style tables and cushions and a bar. But no customers. Looked like a high class brothel to me!

But I like having company. It makes a pleasant change. RH leaves on Friday, at which point the entire americas marketing team turns up, including the guy that owns our company. I may need to avoid the breakfast bar while they're around on Saturday, because that would just be too scary.