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July 09, 2004 


You guys love to talk to me now I'm blogging again, don't you?!

I love your sunset pics and the schooner ones. Our Ma
I love them too. I'm really pleased with my camera - it's not everything I wanted, but everything I wanted isn't available on the same camera, so sometimes you just have to compromise. This takes fantastic pictures, so I guess that's all you want from a camera!
Dr. Who without the Daleks? I guess that's just the Estate of the Nation! Ba-dum!
This is a pune, or play on words. I missed it. Sorry.
Don't forget the plungers for dalek arms. Caz
I try to, usually!
Re: (< kryton > Shmeeee. Shmeeee. Shmeee Heeeee. < /kryton >): Excellent! What a super episode that was -spj
I know. It's one of my favourites. Although that's hard to differentiate, because I generally love Red Dwarf.
Is that an American or British pint of rice? How are you getting on with small pints? Tom
Actually, I'm ashamed to admit, I hadn't noticed a difference. I don't drink pints of lager, the Americans don't do bitter, and I don't usually measure my rice in pints. I shall go out tommorrow and prepare to be confused by that aswell.
I assume yo know that the "gravy" which goes on "biscuits" isn't the same thing as real gravy, as goes with roast or chips! Bernie
Hmmm, I confess I didn't. Would it be a strange powdery thing, as found on my chinese food biscuit? I don't think I ever need to experiment with this.

That's all folks!