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July 21, 2004 

Links Queen

Some time ago I was christened the Links Queen. Then I guess I lost that title. But now I'm having a tough time staying the distance here I started surfing again... Although what made me start was the thought that it was either that or braving the rain to drive past BK, McD, Taco Bell, Soul Food, IHOP, KFC, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Doughnuts, and any one of another 10 fast food places within 5 minutes of the hotel. I just couldn't face it. So here's the best of what I found:

  • Reflex test - I got 0.21 seconds
  • Scared - a doom-type thing. I just like the noise when I die. Which is quite often as the space bar is not the firing key, so I spend a long time opening doors at the robots.
  • The Truth - and nothing to do with the X Files
  • Freaky mystical ball. It works. Or is a very clever trick that's worth looking at.
  • And Finally... Rubiks games. The best yet! Enjoy...