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July 17, 2004 


Today has been a visual day.  In the last 24 hours (I’m writing this at 9pm on Friday) I have seen:

  • Hooters.  Actually my first experience of Hooters, and it really lives up to its name.  We were eating in Ugly Tuna (tagline: great food, ugly staff) which is next door to Hooters (tagline: I only came for the wings).  Hooters, shall we say, came as a bit of a shock.
  • An amazing thunderstorm, from a lot closer than I usually like.  Having walked to the Thai restaurant for lunch, we got trapped halfway back to the office by an almighty thunderstorm sent down by Thor himself.  I actually saw one bolt of lightening hit the floor, and physically jumped every time the thunder rolled – there was no warning from the lightening, it all happened at once.
  • A big Winnebago, painted with the county sheriff’s colours, with flashy lights on top, parked in Publix parking lot with an A4 piece of paper taped to the inside of the windscreen.  What did it say?  "Undercover Sheriff operation in progress"
  • Brown Sugar, the movie.  I wanted to see it, but missed it, at the cinema.  To be honest, I didn’t miss much.
  • The picture on the wall of my bedroom for the first time.  It’s wonky.
  • The trailer for the Grid, which involves a camper van (yellow, no wheel, no split window) being blown up. 
  • Best of all, I saw, with absolute clarity, what it would be like to walk out of the office in two weeks time and head for the airport. Two of my colleagues left this evening for the airport to head back to Blighty. I wanted to leave with them. I’ve had a fantastic time here, but it’s time to go home now.